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Writing notes by hand instead of typing them on a computer or iPad has been associated with a better GPA. Technological advancement may be revolutionizing how the world operates, but it might impact your kid’s performance. 

Students who handwrite notes have better GPA

A recent survey of 2000 parents who were asked if their children preferred analog or digital studying habits showed differences in mean GPA between the two. Although typing in digital devices (34%) was more relative to handwriting (30%), a student that wrote notes by hand had a higher mean GPA of 3.2  versus an overall median of 2.9.

The study, which OnePoll undertook for Five Star, also reveals other intriguing associations between students’ writing and behavior. For example, left-handed kids preferred handwriting more often (57%) as opposed to right-handed student (30%), who prefers a computer (46% vs. 33%), according to parents.

Surprisingly, children that preferred typing were more likely to prefer the two-handed “homekey” technique (46%) compared to those that write by hand and favor the “hunt and peck” method with two fingers. 

The survey shows that 73% of long-hand writers are more left-brained (organized and analytical), and those with no preference (21%) are expected to be right-brained or intuitive and creative. In addition, close to 75% of long-hand writers are introverts, with those without a preference (33%) being extroverted. 

Parents indicate that the grades of their children have improved 

Irrespective of the personality differences, close to 53% of the parents indicate that their child’s grades are better relative to the 2019/2020 school year. The most improvement was notable among long-hand writers (87%). 

According to Five Star Marketing VP Jessica Hodges, digital learning has become more prominent in the last few years, with tablets and computers now essential educational tools. However, she added that research consistently shows that handwriting notes can help students enhance their memory recall and focus. 

Another critical aspect noted in the study is that students that handwrite their notes are better at remembering information they have read. As a result, they are able to complete assignments on time.