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According to statistics from The Recovery Village, roughly 70 percent of Americans experience sleep disorders. There are different types of sleeping disorders, but insomnia is the most common one, usually characterized by a lack of adequate sleep, causing other health problems.

Interestingly, many people are the architects of their poor sleeping habits. Your inability to sleep or stay asleep long enough can be traced to some of your habits that lead to sleep deprivation. It also means that you can potentially do something to improve your sleeping habits, but you first have to identify what you have been doing wrong.

Caffeine intake

Caffeine is considered a stimulant, which means that it keeps your brain active. Drinking beverages that contain this compound might be contributing to your disrupted sleeping habits. Consider not drinking coffee, tea, or any other beverages that contain caffeine in the afternoon and at night to improve your chances of enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Reduce screen time, especially before you sleep

Poor sleeping habits may also occur when you spend time looking at your phone screen, TV, or computer just before you go to sleep. The screens on those devices produce blue light, which also stimulates the brain, thus making it difficult to find sleep. Consider avoiding screen time at least an hour before bed so that the mental stimulation wears out, allowing you to enjoy better sleep.

Avoid alcohol and addictive pills.

Many people who experience insomnia take sleeping pills so that they can fall asleep. Some take alcohol so that it can initiate drowsiness. Unfortunately, taking such products to remedy your lack of sleep is not exactly the best idea. Alcohol and sleeping pills can be quite addictive, which may bring up other health issues. There are also better solutions out there, such as CBN oil, which does not have addictive properties and can restore good sleeping patterns.

Perhaps avoid stressing yourself out or overthinking, especially about your troubles before you go to bed. Keeping track of all the above factors might be your ticket to sleeping like a baby, and good sleep quality will allow you to have productive days.