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The spread of coronavirus has caused a lot of fear among people, and that has resulted in panic buying over the past few weeks. First, it was toilet paper and sanitizers, but now people are rushing to guns and ammunitions leaving stores out of stock.

Growing panic as a result of COVID-19

Kenny Frazier, the owner of Crazy Gun Dealer in Alvarado, said that there is growing panic and people are buying a lot of ammo. He added that the panic continues to grow as people find stores and small dealers out of ammunitions. He added that normally they stock deep, and thus they are fine, but they are now limiting ammunition so that it goes with those buying guns. Although Kenny thinks this is a short term scare, he nevertheless thinks it depends on the coronavirus situation, and it will get worse or die down quickly.

Most people are stocking ammo because of concerns that supplies are likely to decline as more coronavirus cases are reported. Interestingly there are even first-time gun holders who are after ensuring they have an adequate stockpile.

Gun stores limiting the amount of ammo one can buy

In Richmond, Virginia, the president of Town Gun Shop, Mark Tosh says that he is seeing what he has witnessed in his 39 years referring to the extraordinary demand for ammunition and guns at his stores. The stores have been overwhelmed with demand, and he has resorted to limiting ammunition so that he can fulfil customer orders. Tosh is rationing the 9-millimetre ammunition to only two boxes of 50 rounds for each customer.

Usually, there is a spike in demand for weapons when there are things such as mass shootings because thereafter, restrictive laws resurface. However, the current surge is out of mass hysteria and fear of the unknown resulting due to the coronavirus outbreak as well as the descent into lockdown in various states. As a result, people who are largely staying at home are now developing a bunker mindset and are hoarding foodstuff, suppliers as well as firearms and ammunition.