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The pandemic has indeed shattered most of the physical activities from Sports to hitting the gym

As the pandemic has indeed hit the world and altered the way we normally do things, the things we normally engage in as hobbies or for our health, such as sports and gym-going, have been severely affected. Gyms worldwide have remained shut, adding to the frustration of those avid gym-goers whose planning has experienced upheaval. This is done in good measure to encourage social distancing as per the guidelines of the relevant authorities; the risk is just too much to bear in such times when deaths from the disease have hit a high of over 890,000 casualties globally and more than 25 million cases recorded.

With normal practices having been torn apart at the seams and given way to a rise in TV watching and package subscriptions (cue Netflix and the likes), it only heightens the level of sensitivity and importance of physical activities in our lives. Physical activity contributes a lot to any person’s well-being, including the physical and/or direct health benefits such as lower blood cholesterol, a lower risk of diabetes and cancers, lower blood pressure, formation of stronger bones and muscles, etc. It also improves mood and creates a better sleep pattern as great chemicals in our brains, such as serotonin and endorphins, are morphed.

Even though most activities have been slowed down to some effect, there are still some great ways to get your kick in without risking yourself. Biking is one such way. So much has cycling become the new trend that according to data, bike sales increased in March 2020 by 39% contrasted to last year March. Not only is it a way of maintaining your distance, but it reduces any risk of cardiovascular disease and death compared to other means of transit.

What activities can you engage in?

Running is a great tool we still have that takes advantage of the natural environment. Running boosts your calorie burn while improving your mood and metabolism. Wild swimming is another fantastic way to take advantage of your outdoors. Finding any lake or water body to take a quick swim helps avoid the chemicals used to disinfect swimming pools. A quick swim helps you sleep better while improving your mood.

Other great adventures worth a mention include boat rowing, which can improve core muscles (helps with any back pain), gardening, which can lift your mood with just a short time span of it and cooking – helping you eat healthier and save more money than ever.