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Google has launched a website that will be providing information to Americans through the COVID-19 outbreak period.  However, it was different from what President Trump ha promised after he indicated that Google was building a site to help people find COVID-19 testing.

Google creates a website updating on coronavirus

The site Google built dishes information of COVID-19, and it is regularly updated. It reveals top searches in connection to COVID-19 and also puts forth a lot of material focusing on education and prevention. When one searches the website, they will see standard information about the virus and its spread. Users are then redirected to visit the World Health Organisation and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, which are the experts on the matter.

Similarly, the site includes clips showing important information as well as state-specific links to help users understand the measures that are in place in specific states. Also, there is a section offering tips on working out, working remotely, cooking as well as coping with stressful days.

The Mountain View-based tech giant had not planned to roll out a full-fledged site, but it is Trump who put the company in the spotlight over the same. Trump has indicated that the company will create an online resource for people to locate testing centers as well as get tested. Google’s other company Verily is offering to test to people in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Google builds a sited different to what Trump called for

Instead of building what Trump wanted, Google built a simpler site that offers information on symptoms, treatments, prevention as well as statistics. However, this will still make tracking and understanding the nature of COVID-19 easier.

Although the site is currently limited to the US, there are plans that it will be arriving in other countries and different languages in the coming days. The site will be gathering data and information from all parts of the globe to serve everyone.  From this, it will only be a matter of listening to health bodies in their efforts to minimize the ability of COVID-19 spreading to others.