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On Friday, Gold went up as the US dollar fell down against yen. The Spot gold rose in 0.2 percent and reached $1,202.43 while the U.S. gold went up in 0.3 percent and reached $1,207.60 per ounce.

The falling down of the U.S. dollar against yen came after in effect after President Donald Trump told one of the journalists of CNBC television that he is planning next to solve trade relations with Japan.

After the decision of imposing an additional $200 billion tariffs on Chinese goods came, the investors were already in a bit worry. The two countries have not yet come to an agreement.

Now, this statement given by Trump on his next moves has burdened the investors even more.

The report against U.S. employment is due today; markets are going to reflect on it closely for watching over the interest rates imposed by the Federal Reserve. It is also affecting markets due to the anticipation of report.

The U.S currency lowered to 110.57 yen with a loss in 0.17 percent. In addition, other currencies like euro, pound, and Australian dollar also have declined against yen. The euro and pound both went 0.2 percent down at 128.39 yen and 142.88 yen respectively while the Australian dollar shed 0.6 percent and reached 79.20 yen.

The euro was at $1.1617 after losing in 0.05 percent although this week overall gained 0.15 percent while on the other hand, the pound was fixed at $1.2928 after gaining in 0.15 percent.

On Thursday, the dollar index was a bit changed at 95.02 against six bigger currencies after shedding 0.2 percent.

President Donald Trump has already put up trade talks with many countries like the European Union, Mexico, China, and Canada. Now, he is planning to take up trade issues with another country, Japan. The investors are looking confused as overall markets are getting affected due to all these steps.