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A new survey has revealed that 42% of Americans have fallen in love with their spouses after vacationing together. The survey of 2,000 adults evaluated the effect of going on vacation together. It established that 77% of the respondents believe that vacations are instrumental for individuals looking to keep the spark of their relationship alive. 

Vacation makes the average person 65% happier 

Generally, vacations are fun and make the average person 65% happier, with more than 58% saying that their world feels better after returning. 

According to 78% of respondents, travelling with a friend is more fun, and most will like to postpone a trip if their loved ones aren’t. The finding demonstrates that people mostly vacation with their partner (37%) and family (45%, and note that there are more benefits when travelling with a spouse or a group. 

Spending time with loved ones on vacations makes people feel refreshed (76%), while 79% indicate that travelling with somebody strengthens a bond. Interestingly, 64% say they have learned the most about their loved ones while vacationing, including friends (37%), partners (42%) and family members (50%). 

Vacationing helps people get out of their comfort zone

Vacationing in a group can bring out the adventurous side of an individual. When travelling with others, 81% of Americans try to eat a meal together to keep the bond alive alongside relaxing and sightseeing. While on vacation, around two-thirds of Americans take as many pictures as possible to remember the trip. 

Additionally, vacations are a time of stepping out of the comfort or bettering oneself. Also, 70% of the people said they felt more in touch after returning from vacation. Additionally, a third of Americans have an epiphany regarding some things in their life while vacationing. 

Erica Doyne, AMResorts senior VP of marketing and communications, said that with partners looking for opportunities to reconnect, having a romantic gateway could help spouses rediscover themselves. She says that picking an all-inclusive resort leaves couples worrying about deciding between the pool and beach.