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Over the weekend New York Times reported new allegations on the sexual misconduct of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The story was later updated to make it clear that the allegation was not that strongly verified as readers had been made to believe.

Fox News twisting Kavanaugh story

Fox News has now picked the revision of the story to discredit the whole story on the sexual misconduct allegations labeled against Kavanaugh. In the last 24 hours, Fox News reporters and hosts have described the revision the New York Times did to the Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin story as a “correction” numerous times. This is misleading and the supercut of the clips demonstrates how the network is spinning things.

According to Fox, to correct then it means something is factually wrong. The network said that the story the New York Times ran was a smear campaign on Kavanaugh and character assassination of a man who has been a faithful public servant.

The alleged victim did not corroborate the story and denied knowledge of the incident to her friends.  Times later updated the story stating that friends of the assaulted student confirmed that she did not remember the incident.

Times indicate story was credible

The update is a significant change to the story because if the victim does not remember the incident then that makes the accusation weaker. On the contrary, Fox News is twisting the story to make one believe that the change proves that the incident did not happen.

A classmate of Kavanaugh, Max Stier said that he witnessed the incident and recounted his recollection to the US senators and FBI.  Deborah Ramirez who was a classmate at Yale allegedly accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct against. She came forward during his SCOTUS confirmation process in 2018 accusing him of thrusting his exposed penis at her during a party.

New York Times deputy editorial page director James Dao indicated that the Kelly and Pogrebin corroborated Stiers’s allegation with government officials who found it credible.