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The video game industry is a massive on with consumer spending on video games standing at around $20 billion. As a result there increasing venture into the field by game designers and since the industry faces a lot of disruption there is so much opportunity in the sector that can necessitate one to consider studying video game design. Institutions are offering specialities in 3D modelling, digital animation, programming as well as game art. Here are the advantages of considering a degree in video game design:

A variety of opportunities

The software development sector is one of the most fast growing sectors among all occupations and thus with a career in game design you will be assured of a variety of job openings. The barrier entry into the video fame design sector is lower and you will not have to struggle to make a mark in the vast game industry because of varied design tools that you can independently use to develop a portfolio.

Lucrative compensation

The game development sector is one of the fast growing employment industries that offer competitive salaries. Everyone loves a nice pay and video game designers are earning lucrative pay that can go up to $90,000 per year. This however depends on experience but even at entry level you will still get remunerated well.

Being part of the growing industry

Studying video game design gives you the chance to be part of the ‘geek’ history because the industry is one that faces a lot of disruptions and is continuously evolving. There are always new games and evolving technology on the deck and thus working in the industry will give you a chance to be part of the growing trend.

Enhancing creativity

As a video game designer you have a responsibility to create the overall theme or feel of the game. Being a game designer gives you the opportunity to be in control of the video game universe. You get the chance to make good decisions based on the features that you apply to make the game irresistible. There is pressure to come up with something unique and as a result this will hone your creativity skills.