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Tarrant County officials revealed over the weekend that the number of coronavirus-related deaths in Fort Worth reached 100. This was after county officials revealed that five more people died on Saturday and 84 more people were found to be coronavirus-positive.

The Tarrant county public health department revealed that the 5 people that died of the coronavirus include a two Fort Worth women in their 60s, a Bedford man in his 60s, and a man from Arlington 40s and a Fort Worth man in his 80s. The officials revealed that four out of the five individuals that died due to COVID-19 had underlying health conditions. The 5 deaths added to the previous COVID-19 related deaths, bringing the total to over 100 coronavirus-related deaths.

The number of individuals that have contracted the coronavirus in Tarrant County reached 5,463 on Saturday after the additional 84 people were found to be coronavirus-positive. Fort Worth Accounts for almost 53% of the total number of coronavirus cases in Tarrant County, making it the worst-hit city in the county. Out of the total number of people that have died in the county due to coronavirus and related issues,

Some of the areas from which the new cases were reported included Watauga, North Richland Hills, Fort Worth, Euless, Benbrook, Bedford, and Arlington, among others. Although the number of reported coronavirus cases seems to be increasing and the death toll has risen, there is also some good news. Tarrant County officials also reported that they 72 coronavirus patients fully recovered from the disease.

Other neighboring counties have also been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, Dallas County reported 5 coronavirus-related deaths on Saturday and 219 newly infected cases. Dallas is one of the counties which has experienced a slight increment in the number of coronavirus cases. The youngest victim to succumb to the coronavirus pandemic in the county was a young man who was in his 20s, and reports stated that he did not have any underlying conditions. Authorities are still urging people to continue exercising the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the disease.