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Fantasy football is a growing industry in North America and fans can make money by playing. You don’t have to be on the NFL roster to make money but you can join other 60 million individuals in Canada and the US in the $7 billion industry in making money.

Playing fantasy football can be competitive and fun at the same time and there are several avenues where you can find information and turn it into a lucrative side business.

How fantasy football works

It is a game where you have an opportunity to play online by owning a football team where you scout and draft players to compete with other team owners.  You can use your football knowledge and management skills to design a dream team to win a championship.

You collect points through the conversion of your player’s real-time stats and the target is to win more points per week to make it to the playoffs. Draw a game plane to help you earn the most points and you can drop underperforming players and replace them with free agents or trade with other players in the league. Although fantasy football leagues are free you can sign up for those that involve fees to make money.

How to make money through fantasy football

You can make fantasy football a side hustle but you should get serious. There are several sites that you can check out to have many different games and seasons that vary if you are looking to make some money.  However, you need extreme domain expertise regarding what’s going on with teams, players, and league politics. This means you should do considerable research and follow real-time data and events and plan for situations that arise throughout the season.

Armed with the information you can join leagues where you can potentially win significant amounts of money. Most leagues award players for first, second, and third places with an average of $350 but some dedicated players can make even more.

Besides fantasy football, you can play other games known as 50/50 plays consisting of 100 entrants played daily.