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The criminal justice field is a broad field that can give you an opportunity to venture into various professions. With a degree in criminal justice you will have limited opportunities and here are the benefits of having one:

Job security

Most of the jobs available for someone who has a degree in criminal justice are in the public sector. There is no downtime in crime nor does crime take holidays so as a criminal justice professional you will always find a job. Equally you are assured that there are no uncertainties in the industry just like what the private sector faces because you will be working in the public sector.

Opportunity to give back

The criminal justice field is a helping profession and it will be a way for you to give back to the community. The field comprises of jobs that will enable you to help other from working in courts to law enforcement. You will get the opportunity to protect community members from criminal activity, help in probation and rehabilitation of criminals as well as working in advocacy firms.

Good benefits and health coverage

Besides there being job security in the criminal justice system there are equally other good benefits offered by the government like life insurance, health insurance, paid leave, and trainings. There are also retirement benefits for law enforcement officer more so for those who will manage to secure a federal government job.

Intellectual stimulation

A career in criminal justice is where if you are those individuals who are curious will thrive. You have to be a quick thinker and be able to solve problems quickly. As a professional in the criminal justice system you will do a lot of research and come up with theories that can solve problems.

Several career options

The criminal justice field is vast in terms of the professions that you can venture in. You have the chance to work in courts, law enforcement, legal profession, correctional facilities or as a paralegal or judicial assistant. In the private sector you can work in cybercrime, social work, private investigation or as a forensic accountant.