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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has indicated that it will not pull down the video add by the Trump re-election campaign about Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine.

The company has indicated that its policy permits speech from politicians to be unchecked despite whether the claims are valid or not. This is not goods ahead of the 2020 election and the role social media will play in acting on the spreading of misinformation.

Facebook says it won’t pull down video ad

In the 30 second video, the Trump campaign indicates that Biden promised Ukraine money if they could fire the prosecutor investigating a company with ties to Hunter Biden. This false conspiracy has led to an impeachment probe on Trump.

The Biden Campaign had requested Facebook to demote or reject the ad from Trump’s re-election campaign since it was false information without evidence. They indicated that the corruption allegation had shown to be completely untrue. The Biden Campaign stated that the claim should be part of the social media giant’s pledge to castoff political ads associated with debunked information.

Facebook responded, indicating that its decision not to pull the ad was based on the company’s belief of free speech as well as respect for the democratic process. They further indicated that in mature democracies, there is a free press, and usually, political speech is hugely criticized. The company added that they usually don’t send ads to fact-checkers.

False information undermines democracy

In response to Facebook’s assertion TJ Ducklo, the Biden Campaign spokesperson, indicated that spreading false content to influence opinions is unacceptable. Ducklo said regardless of where the false information comes from; they are undermining the integrity of elections in the US. He added that it was unacceptable for Facebook to allow misleading information to corrupt their platform knowingly.

Regarding the video ad appearing on other social sites, the campaign indicated that it would send similar letters requesting rejection of the same. Last week the Democratic National Committee criticized Facebook for the policy. According to committee CEO, Seema Nanda, Facebook was allowing Trump to mislead the public on their platform unimpeded.