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Extra work is essential for workers in the US. Since mental health concerns many people in the US, most health workers need an extra week’s worth of rest to improve their productivity. 

Productivity of workers is increased through the addition of an extra week off. In addition, research has proven that increasing vacation time for employees enables them to pay attention to all aspects of their life—employees who lack the privilege of recharging their energy and mental and physical health. 

Adding an extra week reduces burnout. Regular time to relax ensures that employees’ creativity and productivity are improved since they are not overworked. Employers who add vacation time benefit employees by improving their morale and their company’s bottom line. Vacation helps increase work mental motivation to be more focused and productive. 

An extra week improves work mental and physical health. Studies have shown that chronic exposure to stress alters the brain structure resulting in depression and anxiety. Vacation provides a calm feeling to workers allowing their body and mind to heal, unlike when under pressure. 

Humbl Inc has enjoyed the benefits of increased vacation time for workers. After the December vacation’s quarterly cash operation increased from 3.23 to 3.94 million in the first quarter of 2022. Workers were energized and had improved morale, thus increasing the operation of our organization. 

Mental Health at the Workplace 

Mental health is a primary concern for employees due to the constant pressure they receive at work. Employee health concerns such as mental disorders are the major concerns for workers in the US. Most employees with mental health illnesses such as stress are turning to therapy sessions to help reduce the stress, they feel is weighing on them. 

Employees with physical health conditions such as repository, illness, diabetes, and disorders need the care to help with their mental health disorders. Employees who do not cater to their mental health experience problems such as increased 

Workers with mental health problems have started using virtual platforms to help in improving their mental health. Since care is affordable and assessable, employees get better and happier homes while improving their quality of work at the workplace.