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Students will no longer struggle so much to access various college courses; thanks to Aaron Rasmussen. The Masterclass co-founder, who is so passionate about education, is making a key difference in the lives of many students. He has a new venture christened Outlier.org launching on 9th September.

The new education provider will offer credit for online courses at $400 per course. The introductory offer, which will have a three-credit, 14-week courses is putting particular emphasis on Calculus I and Introduction to Psychology. This sounds like one of the many innovations, which are taking the education sector head-on.

One million students take a college-level course each year

There is a growing number of students taking college-level Calculus I course in the United States. Each of them spends not less than $2,500. Unfortunately, 40% of them hardly pass. Thus, according to Rasmussen, there are a lot of resources going to waste just in a single class.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, Outlier.org will provide students with videos, one-on-one tutoring, problem sets, and assessments. All these have gone through the hands of some of the biggest minds in the academic arena, which means they have the quality required. The syllabi and assessments have gone through a review by faculty members from the University of Pittsburgh

Meanwhile, for effective delivery of its mission, Outlier.org will work alongside the University of in the transfer of credits. Each class will have at least less than 100 students and in groups of four to five students each.

Will the existing university system consent to the transferred credits?

The aim of Outlier.org is to offer the best education in the world. It is starting with two pilot classes before adding others over time. “Our goal is a social impact. Coming up with a market solution to education, rather just relying on people’s charity, is far more durable,” says Rasmussen.

The students will have the opportunity of choosing from different instructors as well as switching from one to another. However, there will be a need for students to check and authenticate the acceptance of the transfer of credits by different institutions.