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University of California, Davis researchers have established that consumption of Ataulfo mangoes commonly known as Champagne mangoes could help reduce facial wrinkles in aging women. However, the researchers say that too much consumption of mangoes could make aging skin look worse.

Mangoes can reduce skin wrinkles by 23%

The study revealed that old women with fairer skin who consumed half a cup of Ataulfo mangoes at least four times a week saw a 23% reduction in wrinkles in two months.  Interestingly after four months, they witnessed a 20% reduction in facial wrinkles. Mangoes just like other vegetables and fruits are beta carotene-rich and offer antioxidants that could slow cell damage.

The lead author of the study published in the journal Nutrients, Vivien Fam indicated that the reduction of the wrinkles experienced was significant. The findings are specific and they come with a limitation. Fam said that women that consumed a cup and a half of champagne mangoes experienced an increase in wrinkles. Therefore this indicates that although mangoes can improve skin appearance too much of them is not.  Interestingly the researchers didn’t establish whey eating too many mangoes could increase the severity of skin wrinkles. They however speculated that it could be because of large amounts of sugar in the fruits.

The study evaluated women with Types II or II Fitzpatrick skin

The researcher evaluated 28 postmenopausal women having “Fitzpatrick skin” types II or III. The measurement of the skin pigment establishes how one’s skin might react to UV light since type II or II and fair-skinned people tend to experience more burns from the sun. The study grouped participants into two groups with one eating half a cup and the other one and a half cups of mangos four times a week in four months.

Robert Hackman, Department of Nutrition professor indicated that the system they used to analyze wrinkles allowed them to visualize them as well as to measure and quantify them. Hackman said that the system is accurate and allowed the team to witness wrinkles appearance that the naked eye could not see.