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A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Otago reveals that individuals with low vitamin C levels can replenish their vitality by consuming one Kiwi fruit every day at least for two weeks.

You are probably thinking that you could simply achieve the same results by taking vitamin C supplements regularly. However, the researchers claim that the findings from their study point toward eating the Kiwi fruit as a much more efficient way of getting vitamin C. the researchers were able to come to a conclusion after conducting a placebo-controlled test.

The process of conducting the study

The study’s goal was to determine whether it is possible to boost the feeling of vitality through vitamin C by consuming supplementary tablets or whole fruit. The researchers enrolled 167 individuals aged between 18 and 35 years old. They intentionally selected participants that were found to have low levels of vitamin C. The participants were divided into three groups where one group ate two kiwi fruit each day, the second group was fed vitamin C tablets with the same amount of vitamin C as the fruit, and the third group received a placebo tablet.

The researchers monitored the study participants for four weeks, during which they observed the vitamin C levels in their blood. The participants also filled questionnaires that allowed the researchers to determine fatigue and mood, which were important aspects of the data collection process.

Scientists evaluated the data from the study and concluded that the group of participants that ate the Kiwi fruit and those that took the vitamin C supplement pills had achieved normal levels in 2 weeks. The patients in the placebo group did not experience any change. One of the most notable observations was that the group that ate the kiwi fruit enjoyed significantly more benefits.

“Whole fruit had a broader range of benefits; lessening fatigue and improving mood and well-being across a wider number of people than we saw in the supplement group,” stated Professor Tamlin Conner, the lead author in the study.

The vitamin C tablets also improved the well-being of those whose vitamin C levels were previously low. It also helped to improve their mood and reduce fatigue.