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According to a new study, we all enjoy drinking coffee, but there is a reason now to order a second or third up. The study reveals that drinking 2-3 cups of coffee can help you live longer. 

Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease 

Australian researchers have discovered that taking coffee daily lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and death risk from other causes. Interestingly the findings apply to a range of coffees that include ground, decaffeinated and instant coffee. 

Lead study author, Prof Peter Kistler of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, said that their large observational study found that the different varieties were associated with a significant reduction in heart disease incidence and risk of death from heart disease or any other cause. Additionally, the results indicate the mild-to-moderate intake of instant, ground, and decaffeinated coffee should be a healthy lifestyle adopted by people. 

According to the study’s authors, there haven’t been many studies on how different methods of coffee preparation affect longevity and heart health. However, in the latest study, over 450,000 persons between 40 and 69 years were included in the United Kingdom Biobank. Before the trial began, none of those participants had a history of heart disease, including congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, or an ischemic stroke.

Instant coffee most popular among coffee drinkers

Study findings indicated that instant coffee (44.1%) was the most popular coffee type, followed by ground coffee (18.4%) and decaffeinated coffee (15.2%). In addition, researchers compared the coffee-drinking habits of the people to those incidents of cardiovascular disease, arrhythmias and death. 

According to the study, 2-3 cups of any coffee type led to improved longevity and better heart health at 27%, 14%, and 11% for ground, decaffeinated and instant coffee drinkers, respectively. Most importantly, the cardiovascular risk dropped 20%, 9% and 6% among subjects that took 2-3 cups of ground instant and decaffeinated coffee, respectively. 

Surprisingly, drinking decaffeinated coffee didn’t significantly reduce arrhythmias risk. Additionally, you have to take more ground coffee to reduce the risk of arrhythmia.