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On Wednesday, markets showed mixed results after investors have shown positive and negative reactions after the rise in interest rates, which came in after the release of the strong economic data.

Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 54 points up and hit its all-time high at 26,951.81 points in intraday trading. The Nasdaq Composite climbed 0.3 percent whereas S&P 500 remained unchanged. The shares of Apple gained 1.2 percent. Dow remained in the limelight though as gained its highest in intraday trade.

After rising of interest rates, investors sold sensitive stocks like Procter & Gamble. The shares of J.P. Morgan gained 1 percent after rising rates. Citigroup also climbed 1 percent whereas shares of Bank of America rose up by 1.4 percent while the biggest gainer in the financial sector was SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETE (KRE), which traded 2.4 percent up.

On the other hand, 10-year note yield climbed 3.14 percent after hitting its highest since 2011 whereas 30-year bond yield also reached its highest since 2014 after the economic data came stronger than the expected one.

Even the non-manufacturing, ISM index reached its highest record after the release of the data. The Dow Jones has reached 316 points summing up together of Monday and Tuesday. It came after tensions regarding trade war blew off a little. It helped in boosting Dow up.

A bellwether of international markets, Boeing hit its all-time high and traded 1.5 percent up on Tuesday. Meanwhile, shares of Caterpillar climbed 2.2 percent up.

The shares of General Motors increased by 2.1 percent after the announcement that Honda is going to invest in Cruise Holdings subsidiary of GM. These two automakers will now work together to build an autonomous automobile. The estimated investment by Honda for Cruise Holdings is valued at $14.6 billion as GM announced.