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If you find it hard to get good snack options at home, there’s a high chance you’re not privy to the secret snack spot.

A survey conducted on 2,000 snackers in America showed how around 48% of people hide their favorite snacks from other people in the home. Most respondents admitted that they aren’t planning on revealing their hiding spots to the family. About 46% of the people who hide their favorite snacks said that they just don’t want to give up their hiding spots, while 53% claimed that they’d not have snacks to eat if they gave this information up.

This Stuffed Puffs study conducted by OnePoll found that, among the people who hide their favorite snacks, 69% do this everywhere, even at home. Furthermore, about 72% say that their hiding spot has been found out at some point, which keeps pushing them to change their spots.

How to find secret’ snack piles’

It’s a tie as far as who usually finds the secret spot. A majority of respondents say their kids and partners are the ones most likely to find their secret spots. If your snacks keep getting ‘lost in the kitchen, the best places to look for them is inside oatmeal containers and behind the washing machine or bookshelf. These spots are where most respondents said they’ve hidden snacks before.

Study authors discovered that only 6% have never been caught eating their stashed snacks despite all the creative hiding spots. The average participant believes that their secret stockpile could last them nearly five months. Stuff Puffs’ SVP of Marketing, Carla O’Brien, says she understands how tempting it is to hide your favorite snacks when you’ve got children in the house.