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Recreational and medical marijuana use has been on the rise in the US to the extent that many patients are attending dental clinics while high. However, American Dental Association has warned against using marijuana or other drugs when attending dental appointments. 

In the US, there are 16 states where marijuana is legal, including the District of Columbia. On the other hand, medical marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia and 27 other states. 

Patients attending dental appointments while high 

ADA spokesperson Dr Tricia Quartey said that when she talks patients through health histories, more patients say they regularly use marijuana because it is currently legal. However, with marijuana in the system, the patient may need an additional visit. 

According to researchers, arriving at a dental visit while high on weed may limit the care these specialists can provide. Most dentists (56%) acknowledge that they restrict the treatment of high clients. Furthermore, according to the report, 46% of dentists said they occasionally need to use extra anaesthetic on particular patients because of worries about how cannabis and anaesthesia affect the central nervous system.

Quartey explained that the use of marijuana results in elevated levels of hyperactivity, paranoia and anxiety, which may make the appointment more difficult. In addition, the danger of utilizing local anaesthetics in pain relief is increased because it can also cause an increase in heart rate and unfavourable respiratory adverse effects. Additionally, a dentist and client should always agree on the best treatment alternatives. Clear thinking is necessary for that.

Regular marijuana users at risk of developing cavities 

Prior studies have revealed that compared to non-users, regular marijuana users are much more likely to have cavities. Quartey said that  THC, the active compound in marijuana, makes someone hungry, and they are unlikely to eat healthy foods under such a state. 

Although there is little research on the impact of marijuana on oral health, there are signs that it is good for overall or oral health. However, smoking marijuana is linked to dry mouth and gum disease, which can cause oral health issues.