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Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s now paramount leader has turned down his earlier promises for making the nation, a democratic one. Before becoming a leader, he has served as a beacon to solve the religious rife and came into limelight as a moderate Muslim leader. He wanted to see his country in the ranks of the European nations.  After getting into the power, he smashed down all his previous assurances for making Turkey, a liberal society.

Mr. Erdogan has always put up fantastic ideas to let believe that Islam and democracy can coexist.  He used innovative tactics to gain the power over the country and soon devastated the whole ideas. He made the civilians believe that they hold supreme power over the military. This all, gave a way to his strong connections with the European nations. He gained the power through a classic tool, populism. Now, the result is, Turkey is facing a financial crisis under his rule.

In order to win the favor of Europe, Turkey has abolished death penalties, state security courts, and elevated human rights. The outcome of making Turkey, a free nation has led to its downfall. He ruined the growth of the economy. He used the money for his own benefits by providing the means to establish his own prowess, lavishing the credits on the companies owned by the cronies around $220 billion, and using the money for his own political purposes. The debts have been multiplied due to Turkey’s free fall currency lira.

Due to the on-going Syria war, the refugees have also taken their homage in Turkey, which accelerates the problem. The migrants compete with the jobs of the Turks, which place a strain on Turkish services.

Mr. Erdogan’s authoritarianism has destroyed confidence in the Turkish institutions such as its central banks, which is the main reason for the economic fall. Although the situation has worsened, he still holds the blame on the enemies for the economic downfall.