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Comics are a form of storytelling that uses images and texts presented in the form of sequential art. The sequence is made of self-contained frames that tell a part of the story. Comics are used to spotlight various topics and subjects in television shows, fiction books and movies, and contemporary comic books.
There a number of factors that can inspire you when creating comic strips or comic books.

Start with an idea

As a storyteller, develop a culture of writing down interesting things you encounter in life. Make sure your comic idea is well written down. Whether you are a writer of an artist, storytelling is an important aspect of making comic content. Readers should be able to follow from one panel to another with a clear flow of dialogue.

Write a script

It is important to workout your story before starting to draw up your comic book. There are a number of factors to consider when writing down your script:-

  • Correctly identify your genre
  • Identify the characters and their roles.
  • Create a believable setting
  • Your story should have a logical flow with a beginning, middle, and end.

Plan the layout

Transform your written script into drawings with a clear layout. The layout should capture reader’s attention and develop interest. This can be done by developing a storyline on suspense by letting readers know that something interesting is about to happen.

Draw the comic

Drawing the comic may seem to be the most challenging part of the whole process. Whether working traditionally or digitally, your drawings don’t need to be perfect. If working digitally, you should make the correct choice of the drawing app, depending on your specifications.

Inking and coloring

After drawing the comic, it is time to ink and color it. Inking involves cleaning up the drawing and adding more depth to all illustrations. Colors are very important in creating a scene. In addition, to make the right selection of colors, it is important to maintain a consistent flow of your colors.


Lettering is important as comics are a creation of images and words. Lettering should be done right to encourage people read your story.