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To achieve maximum productivity, you need to be in a conducive environment. While some people can be productive in almost any environment, most people have preferences that define their ideal work environment. According to a new study, the preferences range from blank walls to music playing in the background.

Mood and productivity

The poll was conducted by OnePoll for Aera on 2000 participants to find out how people’s daily moods affect productivity. The polls also focused on how people’s immediate environments affect their moods.

39% of the participants admitted that their environment can change their mood, while 25% said their surroundings can change their mood completely. More than half of the respondents (52%) said that how clean or tidy a room is affects their mood, with another 52% saying how the room smells has an impact o their mood. The temperature, on the other hand, seems to affect 49% of the participants.

The poll also revealed that 78% of people, including 67% of millennials and 84% of boomers, use a certain space or routine in their homes to feel more relaxed. An additional 40% admitted to snacking to feel more relaxed, while a significant number said they needed to feel “comfortable” to be relaxed.

Additionally, 75% of the participants have a designated routine or space to help them get more productive. Many participants (65% of boomers and 77% of millennials) have a routine to blow off stress.

Importance of the bedroom

Four in every ten Americans feel more productive in some parts of their houses, while 31% can move to a certain part of the house to avoid potential distractions while working. The bedroom is the most relaxing space for 45% of the respondents, while it was the most productive for 25%.

According to the study, visual elements like color can also act as mood boosters. Two-thirds of the participants found Blue colors relaxing, while 39% said they were “energizing.”