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As politicians argue between themselves if global warming is real or not. Or, if the environmental damage caused by the fossil fuel industry really creates enough jobs to have a positive effect on humanity. Costa Rica, a country with a 11,834$ GDP Per Capita (US stands at 57,466$ GDP Per Capita), is proving that creating clean energy isn’t about technological advantages nor about money. It’s true that Costa Rica is very rich with natural resources, it’s population is pretty small at 4.5 Million and they rely on tourism and Eco tourism to support their economy. However, no other country in the world has surpassed that mark.

The Paris agreement was a sign for good things to come, as countries promised to initiate procedures to limit global warming. Controlling global warming is humanity’s greatest challenge. As consumption grows and the planet can’t produce enough resources to maintain itself we are about to run out of reserves in about 50 years. If a drastic change won’t happen sea level will rise, temperatures will soar and our worst apocalyptic scenarios will take place.

The accomplishment of Costa Rica is amazing since they haven’t waited to 2020 to process the Paris agreement. They take action to their own hands and try to make the planet a better place. What is even more astounding is that the environmental concerns are very high on the public’s priorities. While in the states, Trump has indicated his passion to withdraw from the Paris agreement. Because, he probably believes that global warming is a liberal conspiracy. Fossil fuels lobbyists have so much power that the political system can’t defeat it. The only way to make a true change is make people understand how significant is the crisis we are facing.

Perception control

The political system won’t change from within. The structure is too corrupted to hope that populist politicians will address a need so low on people’s mind. However, the people of Costa Rica are a true inspiration for everyone since they were able to place renewable energy so high on the public consciousness that politicians actually did something. The economic consequences of transitioning to clean energy will benefit us all. If no one would have paid for electricity the products we buy would have been a lot cheaper. On top of that, the air we breath would have been way cleaner. Therefore, life would be much better if we weren’t so dependent on fossil fuels.

Kudos to Costa Rica, the pioneers of renewable energy, may your strength effect us all!