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Recent research suggests that prompt administration of a combination of statins and cholesterol-lowering medications to heart attack patients can potentially save thousands of lives. This dual therapy significantly decreases the risk of mortality, as per scientists.

ACS patients using statins therapy have 47% low mortality

A study conducted by Professor Maciej Banach at the Medical University of Lodz in Poland revealed that individuals diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), such as heart attack and unstable angina patients, have a 47 percent lower mortality rate within three years when they immediately start a treatment regimen consisting of high-dose statins and ezetimibe, compared to those who receive only high-dose statins.

The study examined information from 1,536 Polish ACS patients. Half of them were given only high-dose statins, and the other half was given ezetimible alongside high-dose statins.

In the study, researchers discovered that a dual therapy involving statins and ezetimibe reduced the risk of death within just 52 days of treatment. They estimate that for every 21 patients undergoing this combined therapy over three years, one life could be saved.

Statins and ezetimibe lower cholesterol levels

Statins and ezetimibe are widely accessible medications known for lowering cholesterol levels effectively, which is crucial as elevated cholesterol levels can lead to blocked blood vessels and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Approximately seven million individuals globally are affected by ACS, including four million who have experienced heart attacks.

By modifying the existing treatment recommendations to incorporate this dual therapy approach, it is projected that approximately 330,000 fatalities could be averted on an annual basis.

Patients with acute coronary syndrome, particularly those who have experienced a prior heart attack, are at an elevated risk of subsequent heart complications, according to Professor Banach. Existing guidelines, including those by the European Society of Cardiology, advocate an incremental strategy, starting with statin therapy alone. However, this research underscores the effectiveness of promptly and decisively reducing cholesterol in patients through a combination of treatments, leading to a significant reduction in the risk of mortality.