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According to studies, cocoa flavanols might reduce arterial stiffness and blood pressure, similar to how blood pressure drugs work. However, there has been some worry among scientists that drinking chocolate, if you have low or normal, can cause it to fall even lower. Although according to a recent study, cocoa only decreases unusually high blood pressure, there is no need for concern.

Cocoa doesn’t have an impact on an individual with normal or low blood pressure

The current study points out that earlier studies only examined cocoa’s advantageous effects on the heart in strictly regulated circumstances. Because of this, it’s uncertain if cocoa significantly decreases blood pressure in healthy individuals. This does not imply that chocolate lovers should rush out to buy Hershey’s bars. The healthiest chocolate will have a unique cocoa content, but remember that chocolate desserts can still be high in fat and sugar. Consult your doctor before trying any cocoa products to lower blood pressure.

University of Surrey researchers stated that the study is the first to evaluate cocoa consumption’s effect on the heart. Cardiovascular medicine professor Christian Heiss said that arterial stiffness and high blood pressure increase the risk of strokes and heart diseases. Thus it is vital to study innovative ways of treating such conditions. 

Cocoa lowers blood pressure within 30 minutes of consumption. 

The study evaluated 11 participants who took six cocoa flavanol caps or six control capsules daily for seven days. Each subject got an upper arm monitor for blood pressure and a pulse wave velocity (PWV) measuring device to monitor arterial stiffness. The participants recorded readings after three hours of taking brown sugar placebos or 30 minutes of taking cocoa. Afterward, they watched pulse wave velocity and blood pressure for nine hours. 

Findings indicate that taking cocoa resulted in arterial stiffness and low blood pressure in subjects with high readings. However, there was no impact in the morning when blood pressure was low.   Previous studies indicate that taking chocolate in the morning helps people burn fat rapidly.