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Burger King will officially begin a nationwide launch of its plant based burger this week. This will make it one of the largest fast-food chains in the country to introduce a plant-based alternative on their list of options.

The Impossible WHOPPER is a limited time offering

The Impossible Burger will be available in the Burger King locations as from August 8 as an Impossible WHOPPER. Just like the meat based burger the plant based alternative is equally garnished with pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. It is important to note that currently the Impossible WHOPPER is a limited time offering.

In a press release, Chris Finazzo the Burger King CEO indicated that the fast food chain was delighted to offer its customers across the country a new Impossible WHOPPER for a limited time. He said that since the launch of the plant based alternative in April in St. Louis and then in six other locations there has been tremendous feedback. Finazzo asserted that the new Impossible WHOPPER is already exciting the regular WHOPPER sandwich lovers and new customers who are ready to try it.

The CEO added that as from next week the Burger King customers will be able to enjoy the plant-based flame grilled burger in all its locations. Finazzo mentioned that Burger King began testing burgers in April in select locations using plant-based products from Impossible Foods.

Burger King partners with DoorDash

The fast-food chain is promoting the plant-based WHOPPER through a partnership with DoorDash, a home delivery service. For the whole of this month up to September 1 burger lovers can order for their plant-based Impossible Burger through DoorDash by using the Burger King app for only $7 and get free delivery.

The promotion applies for the regular meat-based burger as well as for the plant-based Impossible WHOPPER so that consumers can get a chance of tasting the difference. Customers can take advantage of the promotion by using the promo code IMPOSSIBLE. If a customer opts not to use DoorDash the plant-based burger will be available at SRP of $5.59.