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It was on Sunday evening that the prime minister of Boris Johnson got admitted to a London hospital. That was after showcasing symptoms of COVID-19, a pandemic that is bringing the world economy to its knees. That was bad news, but the leader is said to have continued showing leadership even in the hospital.

It is no longer business as usual for the ailing Boris who has even called upon Dominic Raab who has been serving as the Foreign Secretary to deputize him. That signals that the pandemic is overwhelming Boris who has been moved to the intensive care unit.

The No 10 has been the one keeping the Queen posted on the health developments of the Prime minister. That is according to reports unveiled by the Buckingham Palace.

Chris Mason who happens to be the BBC political correspondent has revealed that the Prime minister has been receiving excellent health care services. According to him, Boris was given oxygen on Monday afternoon but his condition continued deteriorating. He was eventually moved to the intensive care unit. Mason has however disclosed that the situation hasn’t yet compelled the medical team to put the prime minister on a ventilator.

Boris has been receiving medical care in the St Thomas’ Hospital in London and the coronavirus symptoms have grown rather persistent. His worsening condition has been a cause for worry and that is why the medical team decided to move him into the Intensive care unit.

Reports indicate that Mr. Raab will in the meantime be entrusted with the heading on a great deal of the government’s daily COVID-19 meeting. It is encouraging that the prime minister had been m working with a highly motivated and driven team. Mr. Raab has assured the citizens that he won’t let down the prime minister in working closely with his team. They will be seeking to implement the various plans that the prime minister had set in place and ensure that they deliverer on time. He hopes that they will succeed in their quest to help the country traverse through the deadly scourge.