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Achieving quality sleep is one of the best ways to be highly productive during the day. Some of the best ways of ensuring good quality sleep include sleeping on a good quality mattress but did you know that protecting your eyes during the day is also a good way to ensure you sleep like a baby?

Researchers recently discovered that wearing blue-light spectacles or glasses while in front of a screen such as a TV or a laptop will significantly better sleep and subsequently better work quality during the day. The researchers also revealed that wearing glasses that have blue-light filters will create a type of physiologic darkness that will in turn allow you to enjoy better sleep quality, as well as quantity.

“We found that wearing blue-light-filtering glasses is an effective intervention to improve sleep, work engagement, task performance and organizational citizenship behavior, and reduced counterproductive work behavior,” stated Professor Cristiano L. Guarana of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Why do we need to shield our eyes from blue light?

We use consumer devices on a daily basis, such as our smartphones, PCs, and tablets have screens that produce blue light. Research conducted in the past revealed that blue light negatively affects the quality of sleep. Using glasses that have a blue light filter, therefore, allows us to avoid this problem.

The research findings were courtesy of two studies through which researchers observed courtesy of 67 call center representatives and 63 company managers in Brazil. The study participants were selected randomly where some were given glasses with blue light filters, and others received placebo glasses.

The employees with the blue light filter glasses experienced improved sleep quality, unlike those in the placebo group. The test subjects with blue light glasses also experienced a boost in their productivity while at work. The researchers concluded that blue light filters can significantly affect various performance variables in the short term. It is thus something that organizations should consider to boost the performance of their employees.