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The 2017 Crypto boom is behind us. We have seen Bitcoin climb to over 20,000$ only to crash to 6000$. Alt-coins, the term used for non Bitcoin crypto coins have also demonstrated epic rise in value. However, lately the market was stagnate. Many investors who were accustomed to unbelievable growth have lost a big part of their portfolio and are aching new channels for crypto investments.

From the beginning of the month the Bitcoin price soared by 33%, in this speculative and unregulated market the reasons for growth are sometimes unknown. People still can’t place their finger on the reasons for the late 2017 Crypto boom. But, just like in the stock market, speculations and rumors have a huge impact. In the age of social media where information runs so fast, a couple of tweets can do massive changes to the market. Therefore, the reasons i’m going to count might make big splashes for Bitcoin.


The largest crypto currency trading platform is considering adding five more crypto currencies to their platform: Zcash, Ox, BAT, Cardano and Stellar Lumens. They will join the four current coins that are traded: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. This will enable the largest crypto trading platform to diversify their product and enable traders to buy this coin easier. Since Bitcoin is a base coin, similar in several ways to the Dollar, the improved accessibility of alt-coins will reflect on the bitcoin as well.

Black Rock and Mastercard

Business mogul BlackRock have indicated lately that they seek crypto investments. They have assembled a thinking team to consider their next move. But, with CEO Larry Fink, confirming this report, this is much more than just rumors. Black Rock has over 200,000,000,000$ in assets so they might be the pioneers of institutionalized investing in crypto. On top of that, Mastercard have registered a new patent relating to blockchain technology. They are trying to speed up cryptocurrency transactions and to enable crypto accounts in banks.


As you probably know. the crypto market is an alternative to the stock market in the sense that if the stock market falls, more money goes to crypto and vice versa. This week, we had North Korea threaten to not submit their nuclear weapons while Iran are threatening the states again. How Donald Trump will react? we don’t know. But, if a war is coming, it will affect the stock market hard and therefore create more flow in the crypto market. Also, Google trends show that July was very interesting for Bitcoin as searches have increased and reached their peak since April.


So is it time to jump back on the Bitcoin train? you can never know. This speculative market is full of surprises and it’s very hard to determine it’s path. However, Q3 has started and after being down for so long, Bitcoin has shown signs of improvement. I believe it’s still too early to tell if the current surge is just a fluke or if it’s sign for good things to come.