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In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, alleged that Joe Biden’s son was involved in corruption in several dealings in Ukraine.

Giulian alleges Kyiv laundered $3 million to Biden

Giuliani, a critic of Biden, accused Hunter Biden receiving around $3 million from Ukraine and even accused the Obama administration of if turning a blind eye. The lawyer claimed that a scandal might be brewing regarding the allegations.

In a tweet, on Monday morning Giuliani implored the Democratic Party to start investigations on the Bidens and the millions they received from Ukraine and China. He said that they made huge sums of money by selling a public office. He stated that he was baffled that the Obama administration let it happen and wondered why democrats are letting such pay-for-play.

Giuliani indicated that Hunter Biden reportedly received a $3 million payment from Ukraine that passed through Latvia and Cyprus before getting to the US. However, he hasn’t demonstrated how he came to know about the transaction. He insists that at the time when prosecutors inquired about the money they were stonewalled. Giulian added that Hunter Biden was making millions on the board of a corrupt company with Hunter’s boss allegedly stealing $5 billion.

Trump asks the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden

On Friday the Wall Street Journal reported that President Trump had asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden and his role in Burisma Holdings. There are no accusations of wrongdoing for Hunter during his time at the company.

Trump and his allies are saying that Biden might have engaged in corrupt activities with Ukraine. The issue is whether the former US Vice President used his position to help in the ouster of the prosecutor probing the owner of Burisma. There is no evidence implying that Biden used his position to press for the dismissal of the prosecutor.

Trump has reportedly asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Hunter Biden. However, Senator Mitt Romney has indicated that this will be troubling if Trump asked Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Biden. Romney has called for proper investigation so that facts can come out.