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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has confirmed a rocket firing incident toward Israel. The rocket was fired from Gaza by Palestinian terrorists, but soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system seized before it blew out. The damages would have been massive.

The events of the fired rocket interrupted a campaign by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The premier was at an event in Ashkelon defending his leadership through his Likud party. He had hardly gone up the stage to address the dozens of supporters when an announcement of the incoming “Sirens sounding in southern Israel,” was sent on social media.

Netanyahu’s evacuation

Following the announcement, the security detail of the Likud party leader took him off the stage to a bomb shelter. All along explosions could be heard from the Gaza Strip before sirens went off. Netanyahu would later take to the state after 15minutes to continue with his speech within which he outlined an act of possible revenge to the terrorists responsible for the attack.

In what sounded like a threat, the premier said, “The person who fired the rocket last time is no longer with us. The person who did it this time should start packing their things.” Nonetheless, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Surprisingly, he seems unshaken perhaps because this is not the first time he is encountering such an incident. In September and a week before the national elections, Netanyahu was again rushed off the stage after the sounding of sirens of two rockets fired at Ashdod. Again he was addressing Likud supporters in the presence of a live broadcast.

According to him, the two may have been fired by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Ata who died later in November after an IDF attack.

The firing of rockets has become the order of the day

Hardly does a week pass without reports of a fired rocket in some location. The Palestinians any form of energy at their disposal to frustrate Israel’s government. A rocket and mortar shell have been fired previously in southern Israel. Before then, it was Israeli aircraft, which attacked an armed Palestinian near the border fence. Meanwhile, several hundreds of rioters have continued to clash with Israeli forces at the Gaza border.