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Dentists routinely use UV light to speed up the teeth whitening process on their patients. While whitening kits are also available for at-home use, many studies have highlighted the safety risks of using them. However, Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit is a safer alternative for people trying to whiten their teeth at home.

Features of Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit

The kit uses safe light wavelengths and is much cheaper than what dentists charge for teeth whitening services. The kit costs about $39.99, comes with a mouthpiece that fits into the user’s mouth, a blue LED accelerator light, and a 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel.

Luelli teeth whitening kit comes with an electric bleaching agent that dissolves the enamel on the teeth. The reaction removes stains from teeth, leaving them whiter.

The kit is safe to use, so you can perform two whitening sessions if you need to. A typical treatment takes about ten minutes. After a session, the user must brush their teeth.

People with sensitive teeth can also use the kit as it comes with a desensitizing gel. Such users can apply the gel after performing the treatment. The user should apply the gel to the mouth tray then put it in their mouth for about 15-20 minutes. After the time is up, the user rinses the teeth. The LED light is not crucial for this step.

Benefits of teeth whitening

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery conducted a study that revealed that about 96% of Americans believe a good smile makes you attractive to the opposite gender. Another 74% believe an unattractive smile can limit your chances of a successful career. As a result, many people feel more confident after procedures such as teeth whitening. It also enables people to take you more seriously as they associate white teeth with good hygiene.

Whitening your teeth can also make your teeth healthier since the stains removed from your teeth allow them to become stronger. Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit goes an extra step in ensuring your oral health. Not only does it focus on your teeth like most teeth whitening products, but it also focuses on the health of your gums.