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Medicare is a federal health care insurance program that targets elderly people of 65 and above, young people with disabilities, and people with kidney failure problems. The program has two categories of insurance; Hospital Insurance (Part A) and Medical Insurance (Part B). Also, the policy used to offer the Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) until 2006 when it was scrapped off.

Diabetes requires regular hospital trips, which can be costly. The situation can be tougher for elderly people who are diagnosed with diabetes. For instance, there is the cost of frequent tests for blood sugar and insulin injections. However, with Medicare, there is hope for diabetic seniors.

Medicare covers people aged at least 65 years with a range of medical products and services through both Part A and Part B of the original Medicare Plan. Part A does not require premiums for persons who have worked at least ten years in the U.S. However, Part B carries an element of the monthly premium. The following are some of the benefits of Medicare to a senior person living with diabetes:

  1. Provide needed Hospital Services

Part A or Hospital Insurance policy provides various in-patient services for diabetic persons, such as hospital stays and intensive care services. Other services for diabetic seniors include nursing facilities and services, hospice care and other related healthcare services

  1. Provide needed Medical Services

Part B, or Medical Insurance plan, provides a wide range of medical services for elderly persons. These include costs of doctor’s consultations, outpatient services, physical and occupational therapy, and home care medical services.

Also, Part B covers diabetic-specified medical supplies and services such as glucose tests, blood sugar levels, lancet devices, and services. Other services include sugar level monitoring, nutrition therapy, and other self-management training for diabetes. Furthermore, Part B plan caters to diabetes preventive care, cardiovascular conditions, glaucoma tests, and others.

The two categories of Medicare insurance plans provide numerous benefits, especially if one chooses wisely. Also, you can add a Medicare Supplements cover to cater for the services not available in the original Medicare insurance plans.