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The impact of the coronavirus has been massive, and a lot of people are straying home, which means people will need to stay online. For instance, AT&T has extended data caps as measures of ensuring people remain online during this COVID-19 crisis.

AT&T waves overage fees for data and voice packages

According to a company spokesperson Ann Elksas AT&T is waiving overage fees for both voice and data plans. This move applies to all domestic services as well as all customers across the country. AT&T will retroactively waive the fees backdated to March 13th, 2020.  The spokesperson further indicated that this is in addition to the company’s participation in the call from FCC Chairman Pai for carriers to keep Americans online.

The FCC chairperson had asked the internet and wireless providers not to cut off services to customers during this period of crisis and also asked them to look for ways of enhancing their bandwidth. AT&T has indicated that it will not cut service of any home phone, wireless or broadband residential services for inability to settle their bills because of disruptions brought by COVID-19.

The announcement comes days after the company stated that it is closing most of its storefronts that sell internet broadband and service packages as well as phones.

Other providers institute measures to ensure Americans stay connected

Other carriers such as Verizon, Comcast and T-Mobile have also taken steps to ensure that people remain online. For instance, Verizon is offering unlimited domestic calling to all its customers on the limited-minute plan up to April 30th. Similarly, T-Mobile is giving customers unlimited smartphone data up to the end of April except for roaming.

Comcast has also indicated that it will not be charging customer overage fees for its home internet customers who will use beyond the data caps. Comcast CEO Dave Watson said that in this time of crisis, it is important for Americans to stay connected for those learning and working from home. 

Equally, Spectrum Mobile has indicated that it will make its Wi-Fi hotspots available for non-spectrum customers.