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Today, the stocks of Asia markets were lower due to China’s appeal to WTO regarding imposing sanctions on the United States. This step led to the lowering of the shares this morning while the US market gained overnight.

In the morning, Nikkie 225, the share of Japan lost 0.43 percent while Kospi of South Korea was slightly lower and shed its earlier gains. ASX 200, the share of Australia went down to 0.12 percent but recovered its earlier loses.

In China, the composite index of Hang Seng lowered to 0.57 percent whereas the Shanghai was down to 0.38 percent. The composite index of Shenzhen also lost 0.122 percent.

On the other hand, the Wall Street placed increase on some of the shares. The average of Dow Jones Industrial closed at 25,971.06 that make it higher in 114 points. The composite of Nasdaq closed at 7,972.47 after gaining 0.61 percent while S&P 500 was at 2,887.89 after a gain in 0.37 percent.

The prices of oil have gained overnight, which came into effect after the east coast of the US faced Hurricane Florence. Brent crude futures were at $79.28 for each barrel that got advanced by 0.28 in percent but lower than their earlier gains while the US crude futures were at $69.81 for each barrel with a gain in 0.81 percent.

On September 21, China is going to meet WTO regarding the trade dispute with the United States.

China will seek permission to WTO to inflict sanctions on the United States and the meeting regarding the same has been fixed on September 21, 2018. The upheaval in the US stock markets came after this revelation made later on Tuesday by China. While due to this, Asia markets have lowered a bit in their digits.