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Asia markets turned in positive territory after the U.S. President Donald Trump made an open statement that his country is no longer going to tolerate abuse in terms of trade.

Japan’s Nikkei 225 went 0.15 up after recovering its earlier losses whereas the Topic index recuperated its previous losses but still remained down by 0.48 percent.

Rio Tinto rose up by 1.26 percent and BHP Billiton advanced by 1.14 percent while ASX 200 lost its earlier gains but remained higher by 0.11 percent.

In China, Hang Seng index of Hong Kong and Haidilao traded up by 1.64 percent and 2.81 percent respectively. The Shanghai composite went 1.27 percent up and the Shenzhen composite was also higher by 0.75 percent.

In the United States, Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both were lower. Dow Jones lost 69.84 points and reached 26,492.21 whereas S&P 500 reached 2,915.56 by shedding 0.1 percent. The Nasdaq composite reacted positively on board by advancing in 0.2 percent to 8,007.47 with the advancing of Apple and Amazon shares.

The records came in effect after Robert Lighthizer made an announcement that they are likely to make negotiations regarding trade deals with Mexico and exclude Canada whereas Donald Trump came up with another statement that his country is no longer going to tolerate abuse in trading terms.

The dollar index lost its earlier gains and reached 94.140 against major currencies but still better than its earlier losses. The Japanese yen was at 112.94 against the dollar and the Australian dollar gained in 0.28 percent at $0.7270.

The oil markets also recovered its earlier losses remained lower in terms of Asian trade. Brent crude futures were at $81.81 each barrel and the U.S. crude futures were at $72.15 each barrel after losing 0.18 percent.