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Career parents must hire a nanny to take care of their kids when they are away. Making that decision is not easy, and it becomes even more difficult to find that person you can entrust with your precious assets. We are often scared with so many questions, including how safe will they be? Will, the nanny, treat them, right? Remember, other than just feeding and clothing them; the nanny must have additional life skills.

However, this article will help you put your thoughts together on what you need to do to in hiring a nanny.

Make a list of what you need: – This means having a brainstorming session with yourself to decide what you want. For example, should the nanny be a day – bug or a live in? What qualities will you be looking for in a nanny? What will be the deal breakers?

Does your budget allow for a nanny? – Hiring a nanny comes with things like additional taxes, bonuses, and annual wage increment. Will you afford this?

Advertise your need: – This means putting up a job description of your need for a nanny in various places, preferably on Care.com.

Interviewing candidates: – Your advert is likely to attract so many candidates. And to get the best with the experience and professionalism, you are looking for; you must interview each of them independently. Next, it’s narrowing your choices with a “no, thank you” note to those who do not make it. Consider inviting the best to your home for a practical interview and see how they carry out household tasks while interacting with the kids. You will eventually get the ideal candidate whom you can entrust with your home.

Background checks and references are always necessary: – You have now found a reliable candidate. You must find out everything or the most you can about them. Ensure she is legally allowed to work in that country as a nanny.

Making an offer which includes taxes: – Having connected with this person, place your bid to them and don’t forget the employer taxes and insurance coverage.

Draw a contract: – Having a contract with a nanny protects the two of you. Ensure it has captured every detail you have agreed upon and finally prepare your kids.