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In the past, the Apple Watch has been credited with saving lives. Recently, when it called 911 to assist a swimmer who’d been trapped in freezing river water, it demonstrated once again that it might be an ideal lifeguard.

The device alerted emergency personnel, which helped a woman whose foot became trapped in pebbles and trapped her in 56-degree water.

Apple Watch dialed 911 to help a swimmer stuck

The Apple Watch dialed 911 after it managed to contact rescuers to assist the woman stuck in freezing water. Unfortunately, according to police records seen by 9to5Mac, the woman’s foot became stuck between some rocks and became stranded in the cold Columbia River at 56 degrees.

According to Apple Insider, the woman came close to exhaustion and even showed some signs of hypothermia when she was finally saved. The swimmer said that she had been stuck in the river for more than 30 minutes.

The Apple watch was used to make an emergency call. In addition, the device contains an SOS function that enables people to signal for assistance by briefly pressing down the side buttons.

To use the SOS feature and phone calls, customers require an action plan or an Apple Watch, which enables cellular capability. The functionality makes it possible for the device to work even when the patient’s iPhone is a long way away.

The woman needed a rescue swimmer 

When help arrived, rescuers decided against prying the sinking swimmer’s foot away from rocks and instead gave her a ladder. The rescue effort, however, was fruitless. When the rescuers observed the predicament, they concluded that the woman required a rescue swimmer.

Officer Reams made the decision, according to the accounts, to cautiously wade into the river while downstream, placing his bulletproof vest and sheriff belt on the bank. He made an attempt to free the woman’s foot from under the water, and it was successful.

Due to its exceptional water resistance, the Apple Watch is renowned for having outstanding swimming tracker features, according to a 9to5Mac article. For example, Series 2 includes functions that are meant to help users with aquatic activities.