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Apple TV+ has impressed many viewers following its move to offer some original films and series for free. It makes the outstanding move utilizing its Apple TV app. It is a great opportunity for a large number of viewers in the US and also for the global customers that will check out the programming from Friday. The most impressive attribute al all the programs offered is the point that they will be for free and won’t require anyone to make a subscription.

The Apple TV app could be found in the iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, select Samsung, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, LG smart TVs, and Roku devices. Anyone with an Apple TV+ is now in a position to stream the Apple Originals for free. Here is the wide range that anyone could opt for.

“The Elephant Queen”

This is a leading documentary that won the Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award and it is narrated by Chiwetel Eljiofor. This is a narrative showcasing a natural landscape showcasing the beauty of woodlands and grasslands. One also gets to see some outstanding seasonal waterholes as the majestic elephant matriarch known as Athena traverses the different sections. She is seen leading her family to different areas, but this documentary is better watched for one to get the thrill of it.

“Little America”

As the title suggests, this happens to be an anthology series capturing about eight true stories of immigrants in America. These are big names behind this selection and part of those include executive producers Kumail Nanjiani, Alan Yang and Emily V. Gordon. The other notable figure in this regard is the famous Lee Eisenberg.

“For All Mankind”

This one showcases an aspirational world in which case NASA engineers, astronauts, and their loved ones are thrust at the center of outstanding events. These events are seen via a prism of an alternate history timeline in which case the USSR is depicted beating the US to the moon.


This is a production filled with some outstanding psychological twists that are presented in the form of a thriller. The big-name behind the thriller is M. Night Shyamalan and it is interesting how he manages to tie up the parts filled with intrigue together. It is a story of a Philadelphia couple that is plunged in a state of mourning following a tragedy that develops a rift in their marriage. Shyamalan’s creativity makes him successful in his quest to show the viewers the impact of a mysterious force that enters this home and its dire consequences.