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One poll conducted a survey on behalf of Benefiber where they asked 2000 American participants how they felt going back to their pre-pandemic lifestyles. The results showed that nearly half of them felt anxious. 

Of the 2000 participants, 46% said they worried about risking their health or loved ones by going outside. Another 1 in 4 was not sure they would feel comfortable going out in public.

The survey revealed that 46% of Americans had struggled to balance their work-home routine during the pandemic. Out of 2000 respondents, 52% ended up working longer hours, and 45% barely had time for self-care. As a result, 53% reported that their physical health had declined, while 48% admitted the same for their mental health.

Making adjustments to wellness routines

Out of every 3 Americans, two said they had eaten healthy within the last year. However, many are worried about the changes in their wellness routine once they go back to a pre-pandemic lifestyle. Among the respondents, 35% worried they would eat less healthy as they start to go out, and 3 out of 10 think they will exercise less.

 Despite their worries, some are excited by the changes, with 37% expecting to travel more in the next six months and 47% excited to see family and friends.

Americans are not keen on managing their digestive health

Although 71% believed that gut health and a balanced diet are essential for their well-being, 49% said they didn’t take measures to ensure their digestive health. The polls show that more than half experienced digestive problems in the past year. The same number either don’t or are unsure if they consume the right amount of fiber in a day.

Even though 67% said they had begun taking supplements during the pandemic, only 2 in 10 participants said they had added a prebiotic to their diet.

Out of 10 respondents, six believed taking prebiotics would benefit their gut health though only 2 in 10 had added them into their routines. Most of them thought that prebiotics and probiotics were the same, and 1 in 5 did not understand the benefit of adding a prebiotic to their routines.