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Michael Sanchez, the brother to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, is suing Bezos for defamation. Michael has filed a lawsuit against the Amazon CEO and his security consultant regarding last year’s The National Enquirer story that revealed photos of Bezos and Lauren.

Michael Sanchez suing for defamation

The Hollywood talent manager claimed in the lawsuit filed last week Los Angeles state court that Bezos and his consultant Gavin de Becker falsely accused him that he is the one who supplied explicit photos of Bezos and Lauren to The Enquirer. Equally, Michael claims that his sister and Bezos had kept their relationship secret following advice from a psychic and that the FBI had searched his home.

On January 9, 2019, The Enquirer published a story that contained text messages of Lauren and Bezos. It later claimed that it had nudes of the two but could not publish them. According to the lawsuit, de Becker and Bezos spread a false narrative that Michael had betrayed Lauren by sharing the photos.

Bezos’ lawyer William Isaacson indicated that his client will address the issue in court, and they are ready to do that soon. Through her lawyer, Lauren stated that her brother betrayed her by providing personal information about her life to the tabloid. She added that her family is hurting regarding the baseless and untrue suit.

Saudi Arabia involved in hacking Bezos’ phone

However, there are some inconsistencies in Michael Sanchez’s assertions. There has been no public proclamation from Bezos and his consultant that Sanchez had leaked the photos to The Inquirer. Last February, Bezos had indicated that the information given to tabloid came from his phone following a hacking by Saudi Arabia. However, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has denied being involved in the hacking.

According to Bezos, who owns Washington Post, the Saudis were retaliating against the post’s coverage of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Forensic analysis results of Bezos’ phone released last month revealed that his phone was hacked after he received a malicious video on Whatsapp from the Crown Prince.