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A recent study carried out by OnePoll and commissioned by VSP vision care explores how most Americans preserve their eyesight. The study authors revealed that 36% of Americans disconnect from all digital platforms to obtain the 20-20 vision.

Most of the target population believe that scrolling through social media platforms and watching the television for long periods leads to blurry vision and body discomfort.

The authors provided that many people’s social lives were affected by neglecting their vision detection problems. About 57% of the participants admitted that they persevere through discomfort and proceed with the digital activity they are doing at the time.

Americans damage their eyesight through their screens 

The average American ignores eye strain at least four times a week because they are focused on their screens. Several study participants admitted to maximizing the brightness in their phones and claimed that it was for visual purposes.

That was not the only unhealthy habit that the respondents displayed, as 48% of the participants revealed that they developed a habit of sitting close to the television while watching.

The researchers found that 79% of Americans force themselves to take breaks when the pain exceeds. However, they return to the activity once it subsides.

The study authors outlined that 47% of the target population cancel plans due to eye discomfort. There was another half of the poll that admitted to taking time off from employment and school due to eye discomfort (54%). Furthermore, the average person cancels plans about six times a year because of eye strain.

Many Americans rarely consult an optician

With several participants wishing that they had perfect eyesight, their commitment proves otherwise.  Most Americans consult their opticians at least once a year, while 12% have never visited any optician’s offices before.

The survey also reported 48% of Americans thought that vision insurance is essential when thinking of specific benefits, such as the new source of employment.

The president of VSP vision care, Kate Renwick- Espinosa, issued a statement saying the pandemic changed our way of life and led to a rise in vision issues. Espinosa further advised that people take advantage of their vision benefits and visit the optician frequently.