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A reputable University in Bangkok, known as Kasetsart, recently conducted a study that revealed the contentedness of the elderly. The study focused on various factors, including personality characteristics, method of retiring, and their wellness since retiring from employment. The study authors delivered a synopsis of their results during the recent open-access journal PLOS ONE gathering.

The elderly population increases every day; thus, the legislators are creating sufficient legislation that protects the welfare of the individuals in the employment industry. The study evaluates the alternate exiting methods, thus differentiating between compulsory and voluntary retirement methods. Previous studies addressed how these factors differ from one individual to another and that the results depended on the individual’s personality traits.

How study authors conducted their study 

The study authors evaluated statistics from a minimum of 2,000 grownups between 50 to 75 years. The participants also took part in a survey conducted by the British Household Panel; the records entailed the evaluation of individuals who possess significant personality traits. After retiring from employment, the life ratings if they left their career willingly or if they had any desire to get into the employment sector again.

The statistical evaluation revealed a connection between the methods of retiring and the level of contentment with their lives. The authors also evaluated the participant’s happiness in other aspects, including their stipend and leisure activity. However, the connections differ from one individual to another, thus influencing their personality traits.

Publicized details about the study’s findings

An illustration of the trait of closeness connected to the amount of contentment acquired from leisure activities in the elderly who retired through compulsory means. The study reveals that closeness might function as a psychological shield to connect to other individuals and be more conscious in creating produce life standards.

With individuals who retired earlier, the authors discovered that they possessed a lower contentment level for the everyday aspects of life. The individuals who retired due to health concerns were associated with high levels of contentment regarding their characteristics of life. The study authors also theorised that extroverts might overlook social relationships during employment.