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A recent poll in the U.S. shows that most children believe they bear many similarities with their mothers. It indicates that three in four Americans consider themselves the mini-version of their mothers. The poll happened before Mother’s Day and involved about 2000 adults.

The poll outcomes

The latest poll shows 73% of the adults admitting to having a lot in common with their moms. They revealed that most of the qualities they have are the same qualities in their mothers. However, isn’t everyone that shares a similar belief. A fifth of all adults takes a strong perspective on the same issues. They assert that they represent the complete opposite of their mothers’ traits and qualities.

The poll also involved pushing the survey takers to list the various similarities they have with their mothers. Seven in 10 believe in significant similarities between their personalities and those of their mothers. In other words, 72% believe their characters resemble their mothers’.

Meanwhile, 51% of the survey-takers have the same sense of humor as their mothers. It is the same figure for hobbies. The parenting styles and political views stand at 50% and 48%, respectively.

It is safe to say that there are many similarities, but the differences also glare in the poll. The main area that indicates a difference is the carrier choice aspect. The study shows that 49% of the respondents take a different path from their mothers career-wise.

Parents shape their children

A significant number deviated from their mothers’ career paths, but some still took the same direction. Moreover, as the poll indicates, these respondents chose the same career fields their mothers chose.

Other contrasts exist, and those include the movie/T.V. preferences and music taste, and they stand at 47% and 49%, respectively. Differences exist, but it is difficult to overlook mothers’ prominent role in shaping their children into the adults they are today. Most respondents thank their mothers for their significant contributions.

Surprisingly, 76% of the respondents still depend on their mothers for advice. They call their mothers almost four times every week. The poll also asked the respondents to mention names of celebrities that remind them of their mom. Some of the mentioned names included Queen Elizabeth II, late actress and “The Golden Girls” star Bea Arthur, TV journalist Barbara Walters, the ’70s icon Farrah Fawcett, and “The Cosby Show” star Phylicia Rashad.