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Finance Cup was held in Paris last week. It took place at the same time when the Roland Garros’ finals were going on. As Simona Halep and Rafael Nadal created a new record in the history of French Open, Team USA made a resounding victory in The Fourth Annual Finance Cup.

Every year, the well-known players from the financial market of The United States of America and Europe compete against one another. This finance cup is a golden opportunity offered to the gems in the financial sector. It gives them a chance to form contacts with prominent names such as Robert Pohly, Bill Ackman, and Christer Gardell.

Participants of Finance Cup championship 2018

The Finance Cup was initially organized in New York in the year 2015. After that, the second Finance Cup championship was held in London at the time of Wimbledon 2016, followed by the third championship that took place in Miami, Florida in 2017.

The founder of this championship, namely Jeffery Appel, was the captain of the United States team in the Finance Cup 2018. Jeffery Appel mentioned that this is not only an opportunity to compete with young emerging talents but also a privilege to create business links and to make new friends.

The players of the USA team included the current president of Bank of Commerce, Mr. Alex O’Brien and one of the partners of Taconic capital advisors, Mr. Richey Reneberg. The people who participated in this Finance Cup are the prestigious personalities of the financial world. These participants represented companies such as Merrill Lynch, Samlyn Capital, Wells Fargo, Pershing Square Capital, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs.

The Founder of the Finance Cup event was very proud of the performance of the team USA. He also mentioned that the team did a phenomenal job on the European clay in spite of losing the major players.