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PayPal is arguably one of the biggest payment processors offering a wide range of solutions for facilitating international payments and transactions. It accrues its competitive edge on its ability to enable fast payments securely. While it was once a revolutionary piece of technology, the payment processor is under immense pressure now more than ever.

The emergence of more intuitive and unique payment systems means PayPal can no longer run a monopoly when it comes to international payments. Some of the best PayPal alternatives for international payments offer a diverse range of solutions ranging from mobile, online, and in-store payments.

In the listing of the best PayPal alternatives for international payments, we have considered many things. Our lists contains payment processors that enable fast and seamless transfer of money across borders. Transaction charges is another factor taken into consideration, as it is essential to only deal with a processor with low transactions costs.

We have also considered processors ideal for digital payments capable of addressing the changing consumer shopping patterns. Our list also contains processors known for high levels of seller protection ideal for addressing the cybersecurity debacle.

#10 Google Pay

Powered by Alphabet, Google Pay is best known for quick, easy, and free payments. The payment processor is especially ideal for people who wish to make payments on websites apps and in-stores.

The fact that the payment processor offers free transactions makes it an ideal payment alternative for international payments. Add your credit or debit card account onto a Google Pay account to make use of fast and secure international payments.

#9 Amazon pay

Just like Google Pay, Amazon Pay is an all-round payment solution that also boasts of brand appeal and powered by Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN). The payment processor is ideal for making payments online, especially on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Available in all devices, Amazon Pay allows users to manage payments with ease in addition to charging some of the lowest fees and offering fraud protection. Amazon charges 2.9% per transaction.

#8 Western Union

The Western Union is arguably one of the biggest payment processors when it comes to international transactions. The company offers a wide range of products designed to facilitate money transfer within borders.

 The products include person-to-person money transfer, money orders, commercial services as well as business payments. The payment processor handles billions of dollars in international payments given its ability to process payments in various currencies.

#7 Stripe

Stripe is a payment processor for online businesses. The payment processor stands out in part because it comes with a software platform that integrates with different platforms such as Shopify Wix and Weebly.

With Stripe, you can accept payments from all over the world regardless of the currency of use. Also, the payment processor deposits users’ money in their bank accounts. While it charges 2.9% per transaction, Stripe can pose significant problems to people with little programming knowledge.

#6 2Chekout

2Checkout is increasingly becoming an ideal PayPal Alternative for international payments on the fact that it offers a global checkout platform. The platform supports 15 language options and 87 currencies ideal for facilitating international payments.

While charged fees depend on the country a user is in, they are some of the lowest in the industry at 2.9% in the U.S. The payment processor also offers a mobile-friendly experience.

#5 Square

Square as a PayPal alternative ideal for processing mobile point-of-sale transactions. Likewise, it is an ideal payment system for online payments via invoice or website. The processor’s point-of-sale service stands out as it accepts cards cash and checks and gift cards ideal for merchants.

In addition to enabling the swiping of cards without an internet connection, Square also provides invoicing, recurring, and real-time inventory management ideal for businesses that deal with international payments. The payment processor charges 2.7% on the point of sale transactions.

#4 Skrill

Skrill, just like PayPal, allows users to send and receive money in addition to enabling online store purchases. With only an email address and password, you can make payments on many online platforms. It also stands out as a PayPal alternative for international payments on the fact that it only charges 1.46% per transaction which allows users to keep more money per transaction

Skrill also comes with a prepaid debit card that you can use around the world. It is also among the few mainstream payment processors that accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

#3 Authorize.Net

A subsidiary of Visa, Authorize.net, is arguably one of the biggest and the best PayPal alternatives for international payments. Praised for reliability and security on international payments, the payment service is also known for the best user support.

Besides, Authorize.net stands out on its ability to integrate with other payment services such as Visa Checkout and Apple Pay as well as PayPal. The Payment Processor handles more than one billion transactions every year and facilitates over $100 billion, further underscoring its credentials on international payments.

The international payment processor does not come with any setup fee in addition to a free monthly gateway and 2.9% +.30 cents charges on transactions.

#2 Payoneer

Payoneer is particularly an exciting PayPal alternative as it allows small and medium-size businesses to be paid with ease. The payment processor places a significant focus on e-commerce as well as freelancing and online advertising.

Just like TransferWise, the international payment processor comes with debit card support that allows users to withdraw funds from banks or ATMs worldwide. While the payment processor bills fees monthly and transactions its does not charge anything when transferring funds between Payoneer accounts.

#1 TransferWise

TransferWise stands out as the best PayPal alternative for international payments for people who are fond of making lots of international transfers. In addition to offering customers a real-time exchange rate, the payment processor is also one of the cheapest that ensures people don’t incur too much cost

Coming with a borderless account, the service provider allows customers to manage money in more than 40 currencies.