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For New York City public advocate, Letitia James was a Democratic primary candidate back in the year of 2013. She was out-raised by Daniel Squadron by $1 million. Daniel Squadron was a state senator back then.

Letitia James has captured the general and primary election by overcoming this disadvantage of fund-raising. Ms. James is among the four Democrats one of which is going to replace Eric T. Schneiderman to become the attorney general. Things have changed for Ms. James now as she is the candidate chosen by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. This relationship seems to be providing great results.

According to Ms. James campaign in the latest reported period, she would have raised an amount more than $1 million. If we take a look at donations, it will be seen that that around 60% of donations were of the amount of $200 or below.

The political establishment of New York City believed that one of the biggest challenges that Ms. James will face if she stood in the mayor elections of 2021 was to raise money. Standing in the mayor elections was anticipated as the next move that many saw Ms. James would make.

Ms. James has been endorsed by Mr. Cuomo and at her fund-raiser, he was the keynote speaker. This happened on Tuesday and the fund-raiser started at a minimum amount of $1,000 by each guest. It is important to note that Mr. Cuomo has himself amassed $30 million worth of war chest for his third term bid.

The nomination of Democratic Party was also won by Ms. James all while being supported by Mr. Cuomo. This helped her save money that she would have otherwise spent in the collection of the mandatory petition signatures in order to secure a place on the ballot.